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The benefits of a school climbing wall

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It’s August – kids have broken up from school and families are away on their holidays, but all too soon everyone will be thinking about the start of term again. At that age, many children find it difficult to get excited about sitting in lessons, but there’s one sure-fire way to get them eagerly anticipating the beginning of the new school year – a school climbing wall. Something new in the playground or the sports hall is bound to create interest, and at Wall Climber we specialise in the installation of school climbing walls, meaning that we also know how the school can make best use of one for children’s development. Read on to find out why you should be contacting the headmaster to have one built!

Which is best for a school climbing wall?

The first thing that will need to be decided on is the most appropriate type of wall for the space available, and whether it will be an indoor or outdoor climbing wall. If there’s a large building such as a sports hall or gymnasium available then a roped climbing wall is a great choice, since it isn’t dependent on weather conditions, making it a perfect indoor school climbing wall. Alternatively, if you choose to go for an outdoor climbing wall, there are a number of different options depending on the area you wish to have it installed. We’ve installed plenty of traverse walls for schools up and down the country, and are a great, simple solution for an easy-to-supervise experience.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a spare wall available then our freestanding climbing walls are perfect for open space. Arguably one of the most popular choices for younger children is our playground boulder, which provides a number of varying challenges for all ability ranges. We will also consult with you about the appropriate safety surfacing and staff training, where necessary, to ensure that there is confident adult supervision available for your school climbing wall.

Get the most out of your school climbing wall

Besides the numerous benefits that climbing provides – physical activity, problem solving, confidence, and so on – any children that seem particularly adept or interested in taking climbing further as a hobby has a wealth of opportunities available to them. There are two pupil award schemes – NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme) and NIBAS (the bouldering equivalent) – and these awards can even count towards certain GCSE PE specifications. For those with a competitive streak, there are also numerous youth climbing competitions organised each year, from local friendly contests all the way up to national level.

If a school climbing wall seems impractical from a cost perspective, there are plenty of grants available for the development of sports facilities, which can include climbing walls. National bodies such as Sport England and the Youth Sport Trust offer guidance and funding, as well as the vast majority of local councils and authorities. Overall, there is so much that can be gained from having a school climbing wall, you’d be crazy not to convince your local primary or secondary to have one installed! If you’re interested in finding out more, contact Wall Climber and we can manage the whole process from start to finish, including design, installation, safety and ongoing maintenance.

Source: https://www.climbingwalls.co.uk


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