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Modular Walls

Modular Panels are the ideal climbing solution for areas where a traditional climbing tower may not fit or where floor space is extremely limited. Modular panels allow for ultimate flexibility in design resulting in a climbing surface that exactly meets your space requirements. Possibilities range from low height traverse walls to soaring vertical walls. Our Auto-Belay Safety System is the perfect complement to walls above 8′.

Our system is a new and innovative approach to the modular wall panel concept. 4′ x 4′ fiberglass panels match up with neighbouring panels and share topographical features such as ledges and bulges. A more authentic experience is then enjoyed by the climber. A standard block group of 4 panels share these common features.

Several installation options are available, and self installation is possible. Please call for details. Climbing handholds and mounting bolts are included with each panel.

Gym mats are available to place under the wall to cushion the landing zone. They fold up against the wall when it is not in use for a clean, minimal footprint design.

The Modular panel lends itself to many applications. A low height traverse wall is perfect for schools, day-cares, fitness gyms, play centres, and residential climbing walls. Taller, vertical walls are ideal for climbing gyms, family fun centres, and large fitness clubs.

Specifications of 4 x4 Modular Wall Panel.

  • ASTM- US standards safety certification testing
  • 48’’ X 48”( 1.2 m X 1.2 m)
  • 55 lb. ( 25 kg.)
  • 4 Panel shapes for less repetition
  • Contours molded from real rock
  • Maximum 6” projection from back (zero) plane
  • High-quality fiberglass surface construction
  • 4 Corner mounting holes ( set in 2” o.c. from each edge)
  • UV resistant finish
  • Flame resistant upgrade available
  • Landing mats available
  • Multiple installation options
  • 1800 Kg minimum pull-out & shear rating
  • 8 handholds & t-nuts ( can be upgraded to 10 )
  • Various color options available

  • ** (Quantity depends on size of the wall) In addition to this get specifications from the 4x4 brochure sent to you.

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